Histories of anthropology

Edited by Grabriella D’Agostino and Vincenzo Matera
Palgrave Macmillan, 2023

This edited volume presents, for the first time, a history of anthropology regarding not only the well-known European and American traditions, but also lesser-known traditions, extending its scope beyond the Western world. It focuses on the results of these traditions in the present. Taking into account the distinction between empire-building and nation-building anthropology, introduced by G. Stocking and taken up by U. Hannerz, the book investigates different histories of anthropology, especially in ex-colonial and marginal contexts. It highlights how the hegemonic anthropologies have been accepted and assimilated in local contexts, which approaches have been privileged by institutions and academies in different locations, how the anthropological approach has been modelled and adapted according to specific knowledge requirements related to the cultural features of different areas, and which schools emerge as the most consolidated today.

Each chapter presents a “cultural history” of one of the historical-cultural and geo-political contexts that influenced and produced the specific disciplinary traditions. The chapters highlight the local contributions to the discipline, the influences that the world centres have on the peripheries, but also the ways in which the peripheries have “learned from the centres” in order to re-elaborate meaningful or otherwise recognisable disciplinary lines.

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