Panel 09

(Re)thinking “the social” through relatedness and reproductive practices

Panel 09 / Quarto Convegno Nazionale SIAC “Il ritorno del sociale”, Sapienza Università di Roma, 21-22-23 settembre 2023

Proponenti: Giulia Consoli (Università di Pavia), Alessandra Gribaldo (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)


The ethics, aesthetics, practices, and policies of kinship are played out in the interstices of the social, blurring the boundaries of private and public. The fields of relatedness and the lens of (non)reproductive practices are thus exceptionally helpful in attempting to grasp tensions, anxieties, challenges, and imaginaries within societies and societal ideas in their making, unmaking and spreading. Indeed, the very concepts of intimacy, domesticity, sharing of substances, goods, assets, experiences, or memories shape and are shaped through different ways of conceiving kin, relatives and relationships. The aim of the panel is to explore how relatedness practices are “good to think” different ways of conceiving societies or the social fields, confronting major challenges such as migration, climate changes or new technologies and taking into account the plural intersections of gender, generation, citizenship and class.

We welcome contributions on (but not limited to) the following issues:

– The relationship between relatedness and reproductive practices
– Reproductive practices and life histories
– Unnamed family forms and “other intimacies”
– Migration and kinship: strategies, desires and constraints
– Cultural meanings of reproduction and kinship, public discourses and the production of “the social”

Keywords: kinship, relatedness, reproduction, imaginaries, intimacies

Lingue accettate: Italiano / English / Français

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