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The Return of the Social. SIAC Fourth National Conference

Sapienza University of Rome

21-22-23 September 2023

How to submit a proposal

Browse the list of panels and submit a proposal by the 7th of May, 2023, using the form HERE.

It is possible to send paper proposals to different panels. If more than one proposal is accepted, the proposer must opt ​​for a single panel.

Each panel can host from a minimum of four to a maximum of eight papers. Each session will last 1 hour and 45 minutes. Proposals not selected but considered valid may be relocated by the Organising Committee to panels other than the one chosen by the proposer.

Allowed languages can be found browsing each individual panel.

Only proposals sent by the predisposed form will be taken into consideration.

Important dates

7 May 2023
  • call for papers will close;
  • all received proposals will be communicated to panel convenors.
24 May 2023
  • panel convenors will communicate to the Organizing Committee the accepted/refused/valid but not accepted proposals. Valid but not accepted proposals will be relocated in the following days at the suggestion of the Organizing Committee.
30 June 2023
  • communication of the final programme.
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